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Social media is a terrific tool for sharing our views and concerns, but we sometimes only reach like-minded people. Learn to transform those concerns into a letter to the editor so that you can reach a more diverse audience in your community. We’ll help you!


Members of Congress care a lot about local media coverage, including letters to the editor. Letters can also reach those in our communities who might be outside of our respective bubbles, and encourage a shift in thought. It’s a powerful form of activism. As we head into more active 2018 campaigning, Suit Up Maine would like to encourage our members to submit letters to their local newspapers, especially to the smaller town papers. Consider writing about how a federal or state policy would affect you or your town, your views on something the Trump administration does, or what you respect or do not respect about a given candidate. Here are some tools to help:

  1. Indivisible has created this excellent guide on writing effective letters to the editor. Note that it is mostly about how to write them criticizing or praising a member of Congress. But you can also write about social or local issues and apply the same techniques.
  2. Suit Up Maine is pleased to announce a new initiative which will provide help to those who would like to write a letter but are unsure how to do it, would like to discuss their ideas, or would like someone to proofread their letter before submitting it. Our writers can help! To get in touch with them, use this email:


Start writing! Keep us posted on your progress and reach out if you need any help!

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