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58 Maine House Republicans voted to uphold Gov. LePage’s veto of a bill to fund the first year of voter-approved Medicaid expansion in the state. Help #VoteThemOut by volunteering for their opponents’ campaigns.

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Last November, Maine became the first state in the country to expand Medicaid by voter referendum, and July 2, Medicaid expansion became the law of the land. Under the voter-approved expansion, 70,000 Mainers—including 3,000 veterans—will gain access to critical health care and the state will receive a windfall of $500 million new federal health care dollars and an estimated 6,000 new jobs. Despite this, Gov. LePage has stalled on funding the state’s share of expansion. In the spring, the Legislature passed LD 837, a $60 million bipartisan bill that fully funds Medicaid expansion for the first year, using funds from a budget surplus and a portion of Maine’s share of the tobacco settlement. As expected, the governor vetoed the bill—the seventh time he’s vetoed Medicaid expansion legislation since taking office. On July 9, 58 House Republicans—most of whom are up for re-election—voted to sustain LePage’s veto. The fate of Medicaid expansion is now in the hands of the courts. Meanwhile, most of the 58 Republicans who ignored Maine voters are on the campaign trail. Find your legislators on the Legislature website and read the roll call to see how they voted on LD 837.



These 58 House Republicans are the latest in a long line of legislators who ignore Maine voters. Help #VoteThemOut by volunteering for their opponents’ campaigns. Find candidates’ contact info in this Google sheet.


Sen. Susan Collins (R)

Email | Facebook | Twitter
Washington, DC (202) 224-2523

Sen. Angus King (I)

Email | Facebook | Twitter
Washington, DC: (202) 224-5344

Rep. Chellie Pingree

Email | Facebook | Twitter
Washington, DC: (202) 225-6116 

Rep. Jared Golden

, DC: (202) 225-6306

Maine House:

Maine Senate:

TTY: Use Maine Relay 711 

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Representative and Senator.

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