Environmental Issues

We track legislation, budgets, policies, events and other issues related to environmental issues at the state and federal levels with the aid of our Environmental Issues Working Group. Each week, this team of volunteers shares news stories, research and other information on a range of environmental topics, discusses which items are ripe for action, and writes calls to action (C2As) that inform others and offer suggested actions. Members volunteer about an hour a week–a little more if they are writing that week’s call to action–and conduct their business via a closed Facebook page. Our C2As are distributed to 15,000-20,000 Mainers each week via our email list, our member forum and our partnerships with other regional and state groups. You can read some of our most recent environmental C2As below.

If the environment is important to you and you have an hour or two to spare over an entire week, please email us at suitupmaine@gmail.com about joining our Environmental Issues Working Group!

NO FOX IN THE HEN HOUSE: Oppose Andrew Wheeler for EPA Director

UPDATE 2/28: Andrew Wheeler was confirmed by the Senate 52-47, with both Maine senators voting NO. Former coal lobbyist and acting EPA director Andrew Wheeler has been nominated by Trump to take over the position permanently. The Senate could vote on his confirmation as early as THIS WEEK.

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The Trump Administration is taking steps to repeal the Clean Power Plan, a blueprint for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions and stemming the speed of climate change.
QUICK ACTION: Voice your opposition to the stripping of environmental and health protections by submitting a public comment on the EPA’s plan by this THURSDAY.

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KEEP THE COAST CLEAR: Oppose Offshore Drilling in Maine

The Trump administration wants to open most of the U.S. coastline to oil and gas exploration, including Maine. Our congressional delegation as well as the Maine legislature unanimously oppose the plan.
QUICK ACTION: Attend a public hearing in Augusta on Wednesday, March 7 and submit a public comment before the March 9 deadline.

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DENY CLIMATE CHANGE DENIERS: Oppose Kathleen Hartnett White Nomination

Trump’s nominee to be the nation’s top environmental watchdog calls carbon dioxide a “plant nutrient” and says climate change poses no threat to the environment.
QUICK ACTION: Tell Senators Collins and King to OPPOSE Kathleen Hartnett White’s nomination to lead the White House’s Council on Environmental Quality. UPDATE: The White House has WITHDRAWN White’s nomination in the face of fierce opposition by senators, constituents, and environmental advocates.

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Update 12/14: Facing opposition from a few Senate Republicans (including Collins), Dourson has WITHDRAWN HIS NOMINATION! The Trump administration’s controversial nominee to head the EPA’s chemical safety office is a chemical industry insider with a track record of favoring corporate interests over health safety and the environment. His nomination could come for a vote in the Senate soon.
QUICK ACTION: Call and email senators Susan Collins (202) 224-2523 and Angus King (202) 224-5344 ask them to oppose Michael Dourson for assistant EPA administrator.

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RENEWABLE ENERGY: Go Green in Your Home or Business

Many of Maine’s utility companies offer residential and business electricity customers the option to switch some or all of their electricity to a green power source. Choose the option that best suits your home, business or nonprofit, to maximize demand of clean, renewable energy, while reducing your carbon footprint.

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