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Facebook recently changed the way users see posts in their news feed, choosing the content THEY think you should see first. As a result, you may be missing important posts, updates, events, and calls to action. Take back control of your news feed in a few easy steps. 

Facebook analytics indicate that most Suit Up Maine members see posts via their news feeds. The downside to being a news feed-only user is that you are leaving it up to Facebook to decide what you should see. And with the changes Facebook made to their news feed algorithms earlier this year, that probably means you’re missing many posts, events, calls to action, and everything else Facebook has decided NOT to serve you. Here are 4 easy way to make sure you see all the best of your [favorite and most cherished] group:


1. Add our public page to your news feed priority list. First, visit our public page and “Like” it to follow the page. Then follow the steps below for your phone and desktop.

Facebook for iPhone and Android
1. Select the three-line menu in the top right-hand corner of the app
2. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and select “Settings & Privacy”
3. Select “News Feed Preferences”
4. Select “Prioritize who to see first” then “Suit Up Maine”

Facebook.com for desktop
1. Select the drop-down arrow in the top right corner of the page.
2. Select “News Feed Preferences”
3. Select “Prioritize who to see first then “Suit Up Maine”
4. Select “Done” 


2. Change Facebook Notifications settings to ALL POSTS. To do that in different devices, go to the Suit Up Maine Member Forum home screen and follow these steps:

Facebook for iPhone and Android
1. Select the info icon in the top right corner of the cover photo
2. Select “Notifications”
3. Select “All Posts”

Facebook for desktop
1. Select “Notifications” just below the cover photo
2. Select “All Posts”





3. Add Suit Up Maine’s Member Forum to your Shortcuts list, pinned to the top. You must do this from a desktop. Once you pin it, a number to the right will tell you how many new posts have been made since your last visit!

1. Find the Shortcuts in the left-hand column of your Facebook home screen.
2. Hover your cursor over “Shortcuts” and click “Edit”
3. Search for or select “Suit Up Maine Member Forum” and select “Pinned to Top”
4. Select “Save” 




4. Bookmark our WebsitePublic Page, and the Member Forum


Create bookmarks in your web browser on your phone, desktop, and tablet and click on them often. And be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram. You can also sign up to receive our weekly call to action list list via email.

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