Tracking every action the GOP and Trump take to weaken our nation is overwhelming. Let Suit Up Maine help you focus on the issue(s) that matters most to you and be a part of our action-generating juggernaut by joining one of our working groups.


Attacks from the Trump administration and the state and federal GOP leadership come on so many fronts and often all at once. Attempts to defund public education. Efforts to wreck our health care system. Budget cuts to anti-poverty programs. Roll-backs of environmental protections. Elimination of civil rights protections. Tracking these issues on your own is next to impossible, and can easily result in spontaneous brain explosion. That’s where our six issue-based working groups come in. Our working group members track policies, budgets, legislations and news stories, discuss which ones are ready for action and write brief, fact-based calls to action (C2As) that are shared with tens of thousands of Mainers each week. It’s an easy way to turn an hour or two a week of your time into a powerful tool for activists across the state.

Our current working groups include:

  • Trump Administration & Federal Government: Covers policy, legislation, Congressional appointments, budgets and other topics at the federal level that don’t fall under one of the other groups below.
  • Health Care, Reproductive Rights & Disability Rights: Covers issues at the state and federal levels related to health care, substance abuse, poverty, mental health, reproductive rights and issues affecting people with disabilities.
  • Environmental Issues: Covers state and federal policies, legislation, events and news pertaining to the environment.
  • Prevention of Gun Violence & Violence Against Women: Covers legislation, policies, programs and news related to gun safety and the prevention of domestic abuse and sexual assault and to programs that support survivors of these violent acts.
  • Education: Covers state and federal policies, legislation, budgets and other issues related to education.
  • Media: Our newest working group will operate a little different from our other groups, using a multi-pronged approach to combat propaganda, misinformation and “fake news.” Although the group will occasionally produce C2As, its emphasis will be on other efforts based on the cognitive linguist George Lakoff, including social media campaigns and raising awareness of propaganda efforts in Maine and beyond.


Join a group! Contact us at for more information and to sign up!

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