Some topics require a little more explanation and guidance than what you’ll find in our Calls to Action. Take a deep dive into immigration, gun violence, and a range of other topics with our Explainers. Our Guides offer tips on navigating difficult topics, spotting (and debunking) propaganda, protecting yourself online, and more. Interested in helping us track these and other issues? Take action with us. 

#FamiliesBelongTogether: Oppose Inhumane Immigration Policy

While more than 100 children have yet to be reunited with their parents, Trump is radically changing asylum rules, moving thousands of unaccompanied children into internment camps, and deporting the family members who come to claim them.
QUICK ACTION: Keep the pressure on your MoC to demand investigations and oversight, block Trump’s nominee to lead ICE, and give to the organizations providing direct legal support.

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CASE REVIEW: Kavanaugh on the Issues

A number of legal challenges are headed for the Supreme Court, the outcomes of which will affect the health, civil rights, environment, and economic stability of Mainers. Leaders of SUM and several advocacy groups met with Maine’s senators’ judicial advisers during Senate recess on Kavanaugh’s record on the issues.
Read our report on these cases and Kavanaugh’s relevant history.

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WHOSE NEWS? Take Back Control of Your Facebook News Feed

Facebook recently changed the way users see posts in their News Feed, choosing the content THEY think you should see first. As a result, you may be missing important posts, updates, events, and calls to action.
QUICK ACTION: Take back control of your news feed in a few easy steps. 

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Customs and Border Patrol Agents are increasingly stopping motorists and bus passengers in Maine to question their immigration status.
QUICK ACTION: Know what to do if you encounter these agents, and help others to know their rights.

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RENEWABLE ENERGY: Go Green in Your Home or Business

Many of Maine’s utility companies offer residential and business electricity customers the option to switch some or all of their electricity to a green power source. Choose the option that best suits your home, business or nonprofit, to maximize demand of clean, renewable energy, while reducing your carbon footprint.

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