Gun Violence Prevention 

Here are our Calls to Action, Guides, and Explainers on the prevention of gun violence. Interested in helping us track legislation and policy on this topic at the state or federal level? Find out how you can take action with us.

#ENOUGH: Join Maine Protests Against Gun Violence

Thanks to student activists leading the way, momentum to fight for common sense gun reform shows no signs of slowing down. Next up: Town Hall For Our Lives on Saturday, April 7 in Brunswick and Bangor.
QUICK ACTION: Check out our complete list of Maine events and make plans to join one…or organize your own!

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A vote on LD 1761, which would allow people to carry guns in their vehicles on school grounds, could come as early as TUESDAY.
UPDATE: The bill was voted down in the House, and is now DEAD. Great work, everyone!

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#BOYCOTTNRA: Dismantle the NRA’s Financial Support

In the wake of disturbing comments made after the Parkland school shooting, news that Russians may have been funding the organization to make political inroads, and its continuous funding of legislators, a campaign has begun to dismantle the group’s ties to other businesses.
QUICK ACTION: Let the companies who support and oppose the NRA know how you feel by joining the #boycottNRA campaign.

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THE BOYFRIEND LOOPHOLE: Close it to Protect Victims of Domestic Violence

Deadly loopholes in our federal gun laws allow stalkers and domestic abusers to have guns simply because they are not married to their victims, even though women are just as likely to be killed by a dating partner as by a spouse.
QUICK ACTION: Ask your MoC to sign on as co-sponsors to legislation that will close “The Boyfriend Loophole” (S.1539 in the Senate and H.R. 3207 in the House).

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Cleverly concealed inside a bill that strengthens background checks is the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act that turns the weakest state laws on concealed weapons into the law of the land. Rep. Poliquin co-sponsored the bill, which passed in the House and now moves to the Senate. Make sure Poliquin knows how you feel about him hiding his dangerous pet project in this way, and join in phone banking efforts to defeat this bill.

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GUN SILENCER BILL: Demand Opposition

Gun silencers pose a significant danger, making it harder for bystanders or law enforcement to identify and react quickly to gunshots. A new bill making its way through congress would gut regulations that have kept silencers out of the hands of criminals for more than 80 years. Call your MoC and demand that they oppose this dangerous bill, and that they allow the CDC to resume research on the epidemic of gun violence.

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Speed Dial Congress

Sen. Angus King, Jr. (I):
(202) 224-5344
Sen. Susan Collins (R):
(202) 224-2523
Chellie Pingree (D):
(202) 225-6116
Rep. Jared Golden (D):
(202) 225-6306

For full contact info, including numbers for district offices in Maine, visit our Civic Dashboard.

Speed Dial Maine Legislature

Maine House:
Maine Senate:
TTY: Use Maine Relay 711

Leave a message for your legislators with your name, town, legislator’s name, bill number, and how you’d like her/him to vote.

Find your legislators on our CIVIC DASHBOARD.