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MEDICAID EXPANSION: Support bill to fund Medicaid expansion

Medicaid expansion becomes the law of the land July 2, expanding critical health care to 70,000 Mainers. But Gov. LePage has stalled on funding the state’s share of expansion. UPDATE 4/19: Republicans chose to leave Augusta before their work was done. A special session may be called by House and Senate leadership. QUICK ACTION: Contact your legislators and tell them you expect them to finish the work we sent them to Augusta to do, including voting YES on LD 837. 

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CHILD POVERTY IN MAINE: Support Bill to Improve Parents’ Access to Education and Training

Maine’s child poverty rate is increasing eight times faster than the national average. A bill in the Maine legislature could help bring those numbers down by increasing parents’ access to educational and training opportunities. UPDATE: LD 1774 is now law in Maine! After receiving overwhelming support in the House and Senate, the bill became law without the governor’s signature. A huge thank you to everyone who worked on this important legislation!

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ADA ACCESSIBILITY ROLLBACKS: Protect the Americans with Disabilities Act

A bill that would roll back accessibility rules required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) passed the House last week–with Rep. Poliquin voting YES–and is headed to the Senate.
QUICK ACTION: Call Poliquin to protest his vote and call Sens. Collins and King and tell them to oppose any attempt to bring the bill for a vote.

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CHIP: Pass Clean Reauthorization NOW

The reauthorization of CHIP is now being used as a bargaining tactic in the debate over the government shutdown. A vote is expected on Jan. 22 that may resolve the issue.
UPDATE: As part of a bipartisan deal, CHIP has been reauthorized for six years.

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TRUMP TAX SCAM: Health Care Edition

To pay for tax cuts for corporations and the rich, the Senate tax plan will slash Medicaid and Medicare funding and repeal the ACA individual mandate, likely leading to a collapse of the health care markets. Call Sen. Collins (202-224-2523) and tell her to vote NO on any tax bill that cuts health care to fund tax cuts to the rich.

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Trump’s ACA sabotage tactics include halving the open enrollment period, and slashing the marketing and outreach budget. Help Mainers know that the new enrollment period is open NOW, and will end on Dec. 15.

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Speed Dial Congress

Sen. Angus King, Jr. (I):
(202) 224-5344
Sen. Susan Collins (R):
(202) 224-2523
Chellie Pingree (D):
(202) 225-6116
Rep. Jared Golden (D):
(202) 225-6306

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Speed Dial Maine Legislature

Maine House:
Maine Senate:
TTY: Use Maine Relay 711

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