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Robert Mueller testified for more than 6 hours July 24 before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees about findings from his two-year investigation. Have you read his report? There is nothing more dangerous to Trump’s re-election chances than an informed electorate. Read the report as Mueller intended it to be read. Find links to versions for all platforms and print here, and plan your own book club gathering to discuss it with your friends.


The unprecedented obstruction and obfuscation of the Trump administration continues unabated since Mueller concluded his investigation. Attorney General Barr, who had already expressed his disdain for the investigation before his confirmation, tried to quash the impact of the report’s conclusions by releasing a misleading and specious four-page summary, allowing a false narrative to take hold in public discourse. Since then, Barr and the White House have refused to comply with Congress’s demands to submit vital testimony and documents, including the unredacted Mueller report and its underlying evidence. A fleet of lawsuits is making its way through the court system. Although they are likely to take some time, it is widely expected that all efforts will be settled in Congress’ favor. In May, Mueller held a press conference in which he reiterated that his team did not find evidence to clear Trump of obstruction.

Mueller spent more than 6 hours July 24 testifying before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees. There were many takeaways, but the most important were that the investigation did not exonerate Trump of obstruction of justice, that Mueller believed some of Trump’s written statement were untruthful, that Trump could be indicted once he is no longer in office, and that efforts by Russia to interfere with the U.S. election process continue today

One of the most significant takeaways from Mueller’s testimony? Every American should #READTHEREPORT. This report was made for the American people, to help them understand an extraordinary attack by a foreign enemy on our election, what Donald Trump and his aides had to do with it, and what efforts they made to obstruct justice. Everyone should read it.


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