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With three-way races looming once again, enacting Ranked Choice Voting is more important than ever. Sign the People’s Veto petition TODAY to give voters a chance to overturn the legislature’s plans to delay and repeal, and to use ranked choice voting in the June primaries.

SUM Admin Team, League of Women Voters of Maine, and Maine Citizens for Clean Elections C2A


In 2016 Mainers approved a citizen initiative to implement ranked choice voting (RCV) for our elections, but last fall the Maine legislature voted not only to delay its implementation, but also to repeal the new law if a constitutional amendment is not passed by 2021. Proponents of RCV, including the League of Women Voters of Maine and Maine Citizens for Clean Elections, have launched a People’s Veto effort to reverse the de facto repeal. 60,000 signatures are needed by February 2. Gathering enough signatures not only ensures the veto a place on the June ballot, but also leaves the RCV law in place through that election, when voters would use the system in the primaries. If voters approve the veto on the ballot, RCV will then be implemented for the November general elections for federal offices, and rulemaking authority will be granted to the Secretary of State. It would also repeal RCV for the races that the Maine Supreme Court has advised are unconstitutional, eliminating the threat of continued litigation.



Sign the People’s Veto petition before time runs out! You have to do it in person, but volunteers are ready all over the state to connect you with a petition. Find the volunteer nearest to you. Signatures must be submitted this week, so Monday Jan. 22 is your last day to get it done!

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