Statements, Op-Eds, and Testimony

Suit Up Maine’s leaders frequently write guest editorials and letters to the editor, issue statements, and submit public testimony in favor or opposition to bills before the Maine Legislature. You can find them below. 

Statement: Settling the First Amendment Case Against Gov. Paul LePage

Suit Up Maine’s co-leaders Karin Leuthy and Kelli Whitlock Burton agreed to a settlement in their First Amendment censorship case against Governor Paul LePage. The terms of the settlement required administrators of the governor’s Facebook page to unblock all Maine constituents, create a process allowing others who have been blocked to request that their posting privileges be restored, and agree not to censor or block other constituents during Gov. LePage’s remaining time in office.

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Op-Ed: We’re done wasting breath on the likes of Collins and Poliquin

Many Mainers are done wasting their time on lawmakers who refuse to engage authentically with their constituents, who vote against their interests, then falsely paint dissatisfied constituents with valid concerns as an “angry mob.” We are done begging them to perform their sworn duties to provide checks and balances and uphold ethical standards. We don’t have time for that.

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Statement: Sen. Collins mischaracterizes constituent contact

According to a staffer for Sen. Susan Collins, the majority of calls her staff are fielding on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh have been civil. Angry and frustrated, perhaps. But civil. You’d never know that from recent statements and comments by the senator and her staff.

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Statement: Coalition of Maine Progressive Groups Urge Collins to Vote NO on GOP Tax Bill

Some 28 groups representing tens of thousands of Maine residents joined together to urge Senator Susan Collins (R) to vote NO on the GOP tax bill. A vote is scheduled for Tuesday. These groups represent constituents who are concerned about the inordinate amount of tax breaks for wealthy corporations and individuals on the backs of the middle class. Karin Leuthy, of Suit Up Maine, states “Only 29% of Americans approve of this tax bill because it will increase taxes and result in the loss of health care for millions of people. Senator Collins knows her constituents have educated themselves about this bill and resoundingly oppose it. We are asking her to vote no.”

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