Trump Administration & Federal Government

We track federal legislation, budgets, policies, events and other issues with the aid of our Trump Administration & Federal Government Working Group. Each week, this team of volunteers shares news stories, research and other information on the federal government, discusses which items are ripe for action, and writes calls to action (C2As) that inform others and offer suggested actions. Members volunteer about an hour a week–a little more if they are writing that week’s call to action–and conduct their business via a closed Facebook page. Our C2As are distributed to 15,000-20,000 Mainers each week via our email list, our member forum and our partnerships with other regional and state groups. You can read some of our most recent C2As below.

If these topics are important to you and you have an hour or two to spare over an entire week, please email us at about joining our Trump Administration & Federal Government Working Group!

#StopKavanaugh: Oppose Extremist’s Supreme Court Nomination

Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation is on shaky ground with credible accusations of sexual assault now public. Serious questions also remain about whether he lied under oath and whether senators should have access to more information relating to his time serving in the White House.
QUICK ACTION: Tell Susan Collins to demand the FBI investigate assault claims, allow the National Archives to complete its work, and resolve questions of lying before any confirmation vote takes place. 

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CASE REVIEW: Kavanaugh on the Issues

A number of legal challenges are headed for the Supreme Court, the outcomes of which will affect the health, civil rights, environment, and economic stability of Mainers. Leaders of SUM and several advocacy groups met with Maine’s senators’ judicial advisers during Senate recess on Kavanaugh’s record on the issues.
Read our report on these cases and Kavanaugh’s relevant history.

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#SaveTheCensus: No citizenship question on the 2020 Census

The Trump administration wants to add an untested and unnecessary citizenship question to the 2020 U.S. Census, which could discourage immigrant participation and potentially change how congressional seats are distributed among states. QUICK ACTION: Learn more and ask your MoCs to support the 2020 Census IDEA Act!

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Customs and Border Patrol Agents are increasingly stopping motorists and bus passengers in Maine to question their immigration status.
QUICK ACTION: Know what to do if you encounter these agents, and help others to know their rights.

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FARM BILL 2018: Support Bipartisan Senate Plan, Oppose House Plan

The House narrowly passed its farm bill that was drafted behind closed doors cuts food assistance and gives massive subsidies to the rich. The Senate passed it’s own bipartisan plan that helps farmers without robbing millions of Americans of their vital food assistance. The bill now goes to conference. QUICK ACTION: Tell your MoCs to preserve the protections in the Senate bill and to vote NO on any version that hurts the poor and the environment.

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HOUSE IMMIGRATION BILLS: Reject All Partisan Bills

The hardline Goodlatte bill and the Ryan bill are dead. The House may make one more partisan attempt at an immigration bill that would replace family separation with indefinite family detention.
QUICK ACTION: Tell your House reps: we reject all partisan immigration bills! 

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NET NEUTRALITY: Defend Internet Freedom in FCC Vote

The Senate voted to restore the net neutrality regulations that protect our internet freedom which were eliminated by Trump’s FCC earlier this year. Now the issue heads to the House where its fate is less certain.
QUICK ACTION: Thank Senators Collins, King, and Rep. Pingree for supporting net neutrality, and tell Rep. Poliquin that rural residents and small businesses depend on the freedom and access to the internet that net neutrality provides. 

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