Quick Action

Trump has fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and replaced Rod Rosenstein with Acting AG Matt Whitaker, who has openly called for defunding the investigation. The national protest is taking place at 5pm on Thursday Nov. 8! Find the location nearest you, text ALERT to 668366 for updates, and demand that our MoCs protect Mueller’s investigation.


Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and replaced Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, who was overseeing the Mueller investigation, with the Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker. Whitaker, considered a Trump loyalist, is on record as calling for limiting the Mueller investigation, and bringing it to a close by defunding it. His tweets also reveal his disdain for the investigation, leading many to believe that Whitaker is too ethically conflicted to carry out his oversight role. These actions cross the red lines laid out by the national #TrumpIsNotAboveTheLaw effort, and trigger the national protest to take place at 5pm this Thursday, Nov. 8. It is critical that everyone sign up to receive text alerts to be immediately notified about response plans (see below for more info). Bipartisan bills (S. 1735 and S. 1741 in the Senate and H.R. 3771 in the House) that would protect Mueller’s investigation have been introduced. While they have not yet signed on as co-sponsors, Angus King, Susan Collins, and Chellie Pingree have all expressed support for Mueller’s investigation moving forward. Bruce Poliquin, however, has refused to take a stance.


  1. Protest on Thursday at 5pm! A large coalition of national progressive groups are coordinating an immediate call to action triggered by Rosenstein’s replacement. Maine’s resistance groups are currently planning to hold protests in Augusta, Bangor, Bar Harbor, Belfast, Brunswick, EllsworthFarmington, Kittery, Lewiston, Newcastle, Portland, Rockland, South Paris. To find the location nearest you or to learn more about the nationwide coalition sponsoring the protests, click here. Be prepared by making signs, gathering noisemakers, and readying a “go bag” of snacks, drinks, etc.
  2. Text ALERT to 668366 to receive text alerts and to find the event closest to you. 
  3. Email and call your Members of Congress and demand that they oppose ANY attempt to stymie the investigation. Ask them to sign on to the Special Counsel Independence Act (S. 1735 in the Senate) and/or the Special Counsel Integrity Act (H.R. 3771 in the House, S. 1741 in the Senate).
  4. Change your social media profile picture to this image (save it on your phone now!). And in the meantime, share the bottom graphic so that others know what to do. Use the hashtag #ProtectMueller.



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