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The Senate will vote on its version of the Trump/GOP tax scam this week. You already know that both House and Senate versions provide massive tax cuts for the wealthy, paid for by increasing the deficit, increasing taxes for the poor and middle class, and slashing important programs. Learn all the other horrible ways this tax scam will hurt Americans, and call Susan Collins (202-224-2523) every day this week to ask her to oppose it.

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Despite some differences between the House and Senate bills, both give massive tax breaks to the wealthy and pay for them by cutting important programs like Medicaid, Medicare, and Pell grants, or by increasing the taxes paid by the poor and middle classes. Here are a few more awful things you may NOT have known about the bill:


  • WEAPONIZES CHURCHES: By repealing the Johnson Amendment, tax-exempt religious institutions and churches will now be able to promote and endorse political candidates. 
  • ADDS TRUMP JUDGES: This bill conceals a complete remake the federal judiciary that will create hundreds of new federal judgeships (about half the federal bench) that will be appointed by Trump. It also eliminates 158 administrative law judgeships in federal agencies (positions belonging to career public servants) and replaces them with judges appointed by Trump to lifetime appointments. 
  • GIFTS TO RICH TRUMP APPOINTEES: Trump’s rich appointees, required to put their assets in mutual funds or blind trusts to avoid conflicts of interest while in office, won’t ever have to pay taxes on any gains in those investments, even when they leave office, and their heirs would no longer have to pay any tax on the amount they inherit in excess of $5.5 million ($11M for married filers). 
  • INCREASES TAXES: More than 50% of Americans will see a tax increase by 2027. 
  • NO ECONOMIC GROWTH: 41 out of 42 economists surveyed by the Chicago’s Booth School of Business said the plan will not increase economic growth. 
  • INCREASES DEFICIT: A Penn-Wharton budget model found that the bill will increase the federal deficit by $1.327 trillion over the first 10 years after it becomes law. Even when factoring in the economic boost from the tax cuts, the bill will still add $1.271 trillion in debt. 
  • HURTS THE POOR: The most recent CBO score revealed that the poor would fare even worse than previously thought, primarily due to massive cuts to government aid for health care.



  1. CALL SUSAN COLLINS EVERY DAY THIS WEEK and tell her that these elements of the tax plan should convince her to oppose this bill. Collins has expressed only mild concern about the devastating effects this bill will have on Mainers. Urge her to remain consistent in her message of opposing legislation that cuts taxes on the wealthy by slashing health care funding. 
  2. Thank Senator Angus King for being outspoken about the damage this bill would cause, and urge him to work with colleagues to make sure the Johnson Amendment is NOT repealed and the provisions to remake the federal judiciary are removed. 
  3. Share the list above with your family, friends and neighbors!
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