Suit Up Maine Admin Team Election Update: Mainers will elect a new governor on November 6. This is a four-way race that will NOT use ranked choice voting. The top competitors, Democrat Janet Mills and Republican Shawn Moody, are currently neck and neck. The two Independent challengers do not have the numbers to win, but they do have the numbers to tip the balance in favor of Moody, an event that we believe would pose a significant threat to our state, particulalry its most vulnerable residents. Our admin team has evaluated all the candidates, and feels that Janet Mills is the best choice for Maine. Here’s why:




  1. She is the most qualified candidate for the job.
  2. Her economic plan is sound and smart.
  3. She will respect the will of Maine voters.
  4. She understands that investing in clean energy benefits our economy.
  5. She will ensure Medicaid expansion moves forward immediately.
  6. She will ensure that the state pays its fair share for education.
  7. She is committed to healing wounds with Maine’s indigenous people.
  8. She understands how to address the opioid epidemic.
  9. She will protect women’s reproductive rights.
  10. She stands up to bad governance.


Read the endorsements of others who think Janet Mills is the right choice for Maine:

Bangor Daily News | Portland Press Herald | Maine Conservation Voters | AFL-CIO | Emily’s List | Planned Parenthood | Maine Education Association | Maine State Employees Association | Equality Maine | Human Rights Campaign | Donna Loring


Need more info to make all of your election decisions? Check out our GOTV Dashboard.


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