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CANVASS TO WIN: Get Out the Vote in November!

The Nov. 6, 2018 election is just around the corner and Mainers are knocking on doors and making calls to support their favorite candidates up and down the ballot.
QUICK ACTION: Help make the change you want to see in government by volunteering for a canvass or phone bank near you!

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#StopKavanaugh: Oppose Extremist’s Supreme Court Nomination

Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation is on shaky ground with credible accusations of sexual assault now public. Serious questions also remain about whether he lied under oath and whether senators should have access to more information relating to his time serving in the White House.
QUICK ACTION: Tell Susan Collins to demand the FBI investigate assault claims, allow the National Archives to complete its work, and resolve questions of lying before any confirmation vote takes place. 

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#FamiliesBelongTogether: Oppose Inhumane Immigration Policy

It’s been weeks since the Trump administration was ordered to reunify immigrant families it forcibly separated, and yet more than 500 children have yet to see their parents. Now the administration has announced plans to scrap the rules that protect children in federal custody, laying the groundwork for indefinite detention of immigrant families and children in unlicensed internment camps.
QUICK ACTION: Keep the pressure on your MoC to demand investigations and oversight, and give to the organizations providing direct legal support.

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CASE REVIEW: Kavanaugh on the Issues

A number of legal challenges are headed for the Supreme Court, the outcomes of which will affect the health, civil rights, environment, and economic stability of Mainers. Leaders of SUM and several advocacy groups met with Maine’s senators’ judicial advisers during Senate recess on Kavanaugh’s record on the issues.
Read our report on these cases and Kavanaugh’s relevant history.

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PROTECT CLEAN AIR: Oppose Fuel-Efficiency Freeze

Trump’s proposed freeze on fuel-efficiency standards would increase oil consumption, CO2 emissions, gas costs, and health risks. 
QUICK ACTION: Submit a public comment opposing the proposal before the October deadline!

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More than 300 newspapers across the country—large and small, right- and left-leaning—published editorials in a single day in support of a free press. Why? Because the president has targeted the news media in a way no leader of a free nation ever has or ever should. 
QUICK ACTION: Support the work of reputable journalists by subscribing to local and national outlets and building your own diversified press room.

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BLOCK EXTREMIST & UNQUALIFIED JUDGES: No Zealots in Lifetime Positions

We’re tracking the most concerning nominees to lifetime judicial appointments, in partnership with other progressive groups. Republican leaders are counting votes now for anti-LGBTQ, anti-abortion, and anti-ACA nominee David Porter, and a vote is imminent once they have the numbers. 
QUICK ACTION: Call Collins and King and tell them to voice their opposition to Porter and learn about other extremist nominees in the pipeline.

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PROTECT THE MIDTERMS: Demand Congress Act to Prevent Russian Attacks

As Trump continues to deny the Russian cyberattack on the U.S., intelligence agencies say the midterm elections are vulnerable to more attacks.
QUICK ACTION: Tell Congress to support bills to protect U.S. election systems, enforce Russian sanctions, and demand a hearing on the closed-door Trump-Putin meeting in Helsinki.

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Speed Dial Congress

Sen. Angus King, Jr. (I):
(202) 224-5344
Sen. Susan Collins (R):
(202) 224-2523
Chellie Pingree (D):
(202) 225-6116
Rep. Bruce Poliquin (R):
(202) 225-6306

For full contact info, including numbers for district offices in Maine, visit the Civic Dashboard.

Speed Dial Maine Legislature

Maine House:
Maine Senate:
TTY: Use Maine Relay 711

Not sure who your legislators are? Find them and more on the Civic Dashboard.


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