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EVERYONE COUNTS: Complete your 2020 Census!

The 2020 Census will be used to determine our congressional representation, Maine legislative districts, and funding for the next decade for education, transportation, and hospitals, as well as critical programs such as Medicaid, Medicare, and SNAP. QUICK ACTION: Complete your 2020 Census now!

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Everything we’ve done for the past three years comes down to this year’s elections. We’re ready. You’ll be too with our new Maine Votes 2020 resource. QUICK ACTION: Learn about the July 14 ballot, voting absentee ballot, registering by mail, and actions you can take to ensure safe and fair elections in July and November.

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MAINE LEGISLATURE ROUNDUP: Track Bills, Contact Your Legislators, and Be Heard!

The Legislature met March 18 to pass legislation related to the state’s pandemic response and approve other bills already in the pipeline, before adjourning sine die, temporarily suspending the current session to mitigate the spread of the disease. Other legislation will be carried over until the Legislature convenes again. QUICK ACTION: Learn more about the bills that passed or were carried over.

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VOTE NO ON 1: Defend Maine’s Vaccine Law and Protect Maine’s Children

On March 3, Maine voters overwhelmingly rejected Question 1, a “people’s veto” that would have repealed a new law that protects public health and safety by eliminating non-medical exemptions for school-required immunizations. At a time when our state’s immunization rate is already dangerously low and the spread of some communicable diseases is on the rise, 74% of voters chose to protect this strong public health vaccine law.QUICK ACTION: Get answers about the law and the referendum, and learn how to respond to vaccine opponents in our vaccine guide.

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How to Talk About Indian-Themed Mascots

Maine’s last Indian-themed mascot was finally retired in 2019, but many remain in other states and in professional sports leagues. Want to help retire them all? In collaboration with representatives from the Penobscot Nation, we’ve compiled the most common arguments made by those who want to keep these offensive mascots, with suggestions for ways to respond.

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2019 Maine Legislature Roundup Recap

The first regular session of the 129th Maine Legislature was gaveled to a close just after dawn on Thursday, June 20. Legislators considered more than 2,000 bills since convening in December. Our State Government Working Group collaborated with other grassroots...

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VICTORIES & GOOD NEWS ROUNDUP: 2019 Maine Legislature edition

As 2019 draws to a close, we’re taking stock of this year’s many legislative victories. We didn’t win every battle, but Maine is in a far better position today than we have been in a long while, and we’re on our way to repairing the damage of the past 8 years. Read the latest Victories & Good News Report: Maine Legislature Edition and let your legislators know how you feel about their votes!

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DECLINE TO SIGN: Beware petitions to rollback critical legislation

Lawmakers passed a number of key bills this session that protect public health, curb environmental damage, ban conversion therapy and racial discrimination, expand abortion access, promote voter registration, and protect the rights of terminally ill patients. Efforts to repeal these laws via “people’s veto” are underway in Maine as petitioners race to collect the required signatures by Sept. 13. UPDATE 9/18: 11 of the 12 people’s veto efforts have failed. Unfortunately, anti-vaccine groups appear to have collected enough signatures to place a “people’s veto” on the ballot in March to repeal a law that strengthened childhood vaccine requirements. Click below for more details.

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FACT CHECK: Correcting Anti-Vaccine Testimony

While measles outbreaks are spreading across 22 states and Maine’s pertussis rate is the worst in the nation, our state’s non-medical vaccination opt-out rate is more than triple the national average. At the public hearing earlier this year for a law passed by the Maine Legislature to strengthen vaccination requirements for school children, false and misleading information was shared by anti-vaccination advocates. We decided to do some fact checking to set the record straight. Now that it appears a “people’s veto” will appear on the ballot in March to repeal this public health law, having these facts is more important than ever.

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