Statements, Op-Eds, and Testimony

Suit Up Maine’s leaders frequently write guest editorials and letters to the editor, issue statements, and submit public testimony in favor or opposition to bills before the Maine Legislature. You can find them below. 

Statement: It’s been a year. And we still remember.

One year ago, Sen. Susan Collins stood on the Senate floor, offered a 45-minute long defense of Brett Kavanaugh, and announced she would vote to confirm him for the Supreme Court. In doing so, she denied credible accusations of sexual assault, disregarded evidence of his extremist views, and ignored the majority of her constituents, who had plead with her for months to deny Kavanaugh that seat.

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Op-Ed: New ‘red flag’ bill is no better than the original. What happened?

While all Mainers should be pleased to see that groups such as the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine and Gun Owners of Maine now recognize that the deadly combination of people in crisis and guns is deserving of legislative action, they also should have serious concerns about the process involved in crafting a new alternative “red flag” bill and the impact that process is having on other bills before the Legislature.

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