Media & Free Speech

In addition to tracking legislation related to the media and First Amendment rights, our Media Working Group also uses a multi-pronged approach to combat propaganda, misinformation, and “fake news.” Although the group occasionally produces C2As, such as those below, volunteer members focus on other efforts based on the cognitive linguist George Lakoff, including social media campaigns and raising awareness of propaganda efforts in Maine and beyond. Members volunteer about a 1-2 hours a week—a little more if they are writing a call to action—and conduct their business via a closed Facebook page. Our C2As are distributed to 15,000-20,000 Mainers each week via our email list, our member forum and our partnerships with other regional and state groups. You can read some of the group’s most recent C2As below.

If you are interested in stopping fake news and propaganda and protecting the First Amendment and have an hour or two to spare over an entire week, please email us at about joining our Media Working Group!


False and misleading information runs rampant, from social media’s clickbait rabbit holes all the way up to the White House.
Fight back against lies and misinformation, and support the work of reputable journalists by building your own diversified press room.

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SINCLAIR PROPAGANDA: Fight Back Against Far-Right Control of Local TV

Trump’s FCC is poised to change regulations to allow the ultra-conservative and aggressively pro-Trump Sinclair Broadcasting Group to become the largest single TV station owner in the country. Now that the public comment period is over, keep the pressure on by asking your members of Congress to close FCC loopholes that allow media companies to dominate the airwaves.

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Read more of our past calls to action on our public Facebook page.