Suit Up Maine is a statewide, all-volunteer, progressive, grassroots group of more than 5,400 Mainers that seeks to create and foster a more informed and engaged electorate. We work to raise awareness of and advocate for policies and legislation that promote equity and equality in civil rights, social justice, health care, the environment, education, the economy, and other areas that affect the lives of all people. We are beholden to issues and action, not parties or politicians, and we aren’t engaged in fundraising. Suit Up Maine (SUM) pursues our mission through calls to action and connections with more than 100 other progressive groups and organizations in Maine who are rising up in non-violent resistance to a regressive agenda. We believe our government works better with a more informed and engaged electorate and all our actions are designed to foster civic engagement.

HOW do we do that?

  • Our Facebook Member Forum serves as a support network for members to share ideas, discuss issues, and organize collective action. This website and our public Facebook page serve as a gateway for new members or those who are not in Maine to connect with us and learn more, as well as a central location for listing progressive events happening in Maine. We also maintain an email list for those who prefer to receive their information off of Facebook, and are active on Twitter @SuitUpMaine.
  • Our Calls to Action (also known as C2As) transform concerned citizens into activists. Each week we provide a new crop of curated, vetted, and Maine-centric actions that address national and state concerns as well as build the confidence and capacity of members to find their voice and speak out.
  • In March of 2017 we created “The HUB,” which now operates independently, as a forum connecting local and regional group leaders in each of Maine’s 16 counties. These groups are already doing the critical work of bringing concerned citizens together in our villages, towns, and cities. The HUB supports and amplifies their efforts and events, encourages collaboration and coalition-building, and helps more Mainers connect with the groups that are closest to them.
  • Our issue-based working groups bring members together to focus on specific issues of concern to the group. They filter through news and information, dig deeper, and determine the most effective actions our members can take to move the needle on that issue, whether it be action that originates with us, or by supporting action being led by another group.
  • We keep our eyes trained on our legislators in Augusta as well as DC, and work to promote new and existing opportunities for members to connect with them, track where they stand on the issues, and hold them accountable for the positions they take.
While our members don’t agree on everything, we do share views that value equality, civil liberties, social justice, and environmental stewardship. We are united in our repudiation of bigotry, hate mongering, and a regressive political agenda. We also know that in order to see those values held by our government, we have to do far more than just vote. There’s a lot of work to do. We’re glad you’re here.