Our Latest Newsletter: Keeping a Maine Senate seat and updates from the Legislature

Feb. 15, 2021


Coming off a historical week in America, we would like to thank all of you who called on Senators Susan Collins and Angus King to vote to convict former president Donald Trump. Acquittal was always expected, but our senators did their duty, thanks in large part to you. Despite the outcome, House impeachment managers did what they set out to do: present a solid case to the American people that Trump incited the January 6th insurrection, leading to the most bi-partisan impeachment in US history. Historian and blogger (and Mainer!) Heather Cox Richardson offered a nice summary of the last day of the impeachment trial and how it set the stage for what may come next. You can read that HERE

While those wheels of justice slowly turn, there’s progress being made on Maine legislation and a project to help send Craig Hickman to the Maine Senate in a special election March 9. Find out more below.  

Find all of this week’s news and actions here.

February 2021

Feb. 8: Impeachment, Melville Fuller, Legislature Roundup: The latest on Trump’s impeachment, a push to move the statue of Melville Fuller away from the Kennebec County Courthouse, and bills on LGBTQ+ equality, voting access, ranked-choice voting, transportation assistance for Maine seniors, and more.

Feb. 1: A step toward racial justice and a COVID-19 relief update: The first of the bills we’re tracking in the Legislature Roundup have public hearings and an update on the COVID relief package.

January 2021

Jan. 17: Maine Capitol Police, Senate Trial, and legislative advocacy: The Maine Capitol Police chief is under investigation, Trump has been impeached, and the Maine Legislature is holding the first public hearings of the session. 

Jan. 7: Support Trump’s Immediate Removal from Office: Wednesday afternoon, as a joint session of Congress got underway to count electoral college votes and certify the election of President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris, a mob of Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol, overpowered Capitol Police, and forced their way inside, ransacking and looting Congressional offices and the Senate chamber. See our statement and call to action.

Jan. 1: Goodbye 2020. Hello 2021. 🎇: 2020 could best be described as a dumpster fire. And it was. But it was also a year of resilience, persistence, and steely determination.