Get Involved

We believe our government works better when citizens take part in it. Whether you’re an experienced activist with canvassing skills, a constituent comfortable calling representatives and writing letters to the editor, or a newly engaged Mainer building a knowledge base, Suit Up Maine welcomes you. Building a government that we can all be proud of takes a lot of work, and we encourage you to join our efforts. As an all-volunteer organization, our most important resource is people like you. 

Calls to Action

Our calls to action (C2As) are made by and for Mainers, and cover state and national issues. We curate issues and information from a range of sources, and boil it all down into easily digestible nuggets of knowledge paired with simple actions. Even if all you have time to do is read them, you’re helping to build a more informed electorate! Find current C2As on our Homepage and previous ones in the Archive and join our email list to receive our C2As by email. 

Guides and Explainers

For a deeper dive on complex legislation and issues, tips on navigating social media, spotting propaganda, and help with navigating conversations on such topics as immigration and gun violence, take a look at our Guides and Explainers.

Letters to the Editor Guide

Letters to the Editor are a powerful tool for sharing information with our neighbors and letting legislators know what their constituents care about. Find tips on writing a letter to the editor (LTE), a link to Maine newspapers and email addresses, and more in our LTE Guide! Need help getting started? Send us an email at


Suit Up Maine is an all-volunteer group, which means our greatest resource is you! We are always on the look out for volunteers to join our working groups, which help our admin team track and research issues for our C2As, Guides, and Explainers. If you’d like to take your civic engagement up a notch, email us at