Credit: Morning Consult’s Senator Approval Rankings Q2 2019


Morning Consult released its latest polling data on sitting U.S. senators today, and it isn’t good news for Maine’s Sen. Susan Collins (R). Her approval ratings have dropped 16 points since earlier this year, leaving with her a 48% approval rating in Maine and 45% disapproval. Now that we’ve had the day to digest it, here are our takeaways on the new poll:


📉 The fact that Senator Mitch McConnell and Collins are the 2 most unpopular senators in the U.S. is no surprise. Collins voted with McConnell 90% of the time last year and 86% of the time so far this year. 


📉This poll suggests that Mainers are paying closer attention to Collins’ voting record, which shatters her self-crafted (and false) moderate image. 


📉Collins’ disapproval rating is 67% among Democrats and 46% among Independents. While she has a 61% approval rating among Republicans, Maine’s left-leaning political make-up means Collins can’t win re-election without support from at least some Democrats and left- and center-leaning Independents. But if she goes against Trump, she’ll lose the Republican base. 


📉 Why the decline? KAVANAUGH. We don’t need to offer an explanation here. No need to relive that torturous 45-minute long speech that preceded a vote the majority of her constituents opposed. (For a review of the reasons why Kavanaugh was bad for the court, read our K2A on Kavanaugh or our Case Review


📉 Why the decline? THE GOP TAX BILL. Voters told Collins (loudly) that they didn’t support the bill. She voted for it anyway. It ballooned the deficit, gave away 80% of the tax cuts to the richest 1%, and left the ACA vulnerable to a Republican lawsuit which experts say will likely lead to the entire health bill being thrown out. (For more information on why the tax bill was bad for Maine and the nation, read our C2A.)


📉 Why the decline? JUDICIAL NOMINEES. Maine voters are learning that the last line of defense for our democracy is the courts. Collins has approved all but 4 of Trump’s extremist nominees, including people she knew had anti-LGBTQ, anti-abortion, anti-environment, anti-civil rights records. (For more information on the worst of the worst nominees she’s confirmed, read our C2A.)


📉 Why the decline? TRUMP. Collins’ refusal to say whether she will support Trump’s re-election and her reluctance to take a firm stand against his lies, disregard for Congress, disrespect for the law, and his unrelenting bigotry have also contributed to Mainers’ growing dissatisfaction with Collins. 




  • Read the Morning Consult poll.
  • Track Collins’ voting record, especially on judicial nominees.  
  • Share this information with friends, family, coworkers, and others who aren’t aware of Collins’ real record. 
  • Learn more about the candidates from Maine who have officially entered the race for U.S. Senate. 
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