Artwork by Toni Truesdale, a Maine artist and member of Suit Up Maine.


How about those election results? Democrats flipped the U.S. House of Representatives and broke Republican strangleholds at the all-important state level, where redistricting decisions are made, not to mention countless laws that affect everyday life. These state and national Blue Wave wins are due in large part to the efforts of thousands of citizen activists who ran for office, worked on campaigns, educated voters, knocked on doors, made phone calls, sent postcards, and many other actions to get out the vote for candidates who support a progressive agenda. So pat yourself on the back and settle in for a good read. This wouldn’t have been possible without your hard work!

Maine’s Blue Tsunami

In national Blue Wave news…

In case you were (understandably) so excited by Maine’s results that you missed what happened in the rest of the country…

And remember that these triumphs follow similar ones from the 2017 elections, which we were celebrating a year ago. Keep showing up. Be a voter. Eternal vigilance!

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