Prevention of Gun Violence &
Violence Against Women

We track legislation, budgets, policies, events and other issues related to gun violence, sexual assault and domestic violence at the state and federal levels with the aid of our Prevention of Gun Violence & Violence Against Women Working Group. Each week, this team of volunteers shares news stories, research and other information on these issues, discusses which items are ripe for action, and writes calls to action (C2As) that inform others and offer suggested actions. Members volunteer about an hour a week–a little more if they are writing that week’s call to action–and conduct their business via a closed Facebook page. Our C2As are distributed to 15,000-20,000 Mainers each week via our email list, our member forum and our partnerships with other regional and state groups. You can read some of our most recent C2As below.

If these topics are important to you and you have an hour or two to spare over an entire week, please email us at about joining our Prevention of Gun Violence & Violence Against Women Working Group!

SUPPORT “RED FLAG” BILL: Reduce Suicide & Domestic Violence Gun Deaths

Last year’s “red flag” bill never received a final vote, but a new bill, LD 1312, has just been introduced. Red flag bills reduce gun-related suicides and domestic violence homicides by temporarily suspending access to firearms for people who are a danger to themselves or others.
QUICK ACTION: Join the Maine Gun Safety Coalition and Moms Demand Action at the State House for their Advocacy Day on Tuesday March 19 from 9am to 3pm and help build support for LD 1312.

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Need quick access to facts to fight back against gun nonsense? We’ve built you a war chest.
Check out our list of the most powerful gun violence statistics and find rebuttals to common arguments against gun reform. Take your weapons into battle and win!

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PROTECT TITLE IX: Oppose Protection Rollbacks for Student Survivors

The Trump administration has issued new Title IX regulations that would make it harder for students who are sexually assaulted to report the assaults. More than 100,000 comments were submitted during the public comment period on the rule, with the vast majority in opposition. QUICK ACTION: Stay tuned for updates and ask Reps. Pingree and Golden to support 3 bills in the House that protect Title IX.

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Take Action: Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Communities around Maine are holding events during Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October to draw attention to intimate partner violence and rally support for prevention efforts. Take action and attend an event near you!

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BAN BUMP STOCKS: Submit a Public Comment by June 27

The ATF has proposed a rule that would ban bump stocks under the National Firearms Act, and the public comment period is open until June 27. Gun rights activists have already added tens of thousands of comments opposing the measure. QUICK ACTION: Submit your comment before the deadline, voicing your support for the rule change.

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#WearOrange: Attend Gun Violence Awareness Events June 1-2

The only way the issue of gun violence will be addressed is if people who care continue to demand action through election day and beyond. #WearOrange Weekend begins June 1st, with events all over Maine.
QUICK ACTION: Attend one near you, arm yourself with the sharpest facts, and support the gun violence prevention groups doing the heavy lifting!

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#ENOUGH: Join Maine Protests Against Gun Violence

Thanks to student activists leading the way, momentum to fight for common sense gun reform shows no signs of slowing down. Next up: Town Hall For Our Lives on Saturday, April 7 in Brunswick and Bangor.
QUICK ACTION: Check out our complete list of Maine events and make plans to join one…or organize your own!

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A vote on LD 1761, which would allow people to carry guns in their vehicles on school grounds, could come as early as TUESDAY.
UPDATE: The bill was voted down in the House, and is now DEAD. Great work, everyone!

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#BOYCOTTNRA: Dismantle the NRA’s Financial Support

In the wake of disturbing comments made after the Parkland school shooting, news that Russians may have been funding the organization to make political inroads, and its continuous funding of legislators, a campaign has begun to dismantle the group’s ties to other businesses.
QUICK ACTION: Let the companies who support and oppose the NRA know how you feel by joining the #boycottNRA campaign.

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Read more of our past calls to action on our public Facebook page.