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Trump has already tried once to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and efforts to discredit the investigation have reached a fever pitchA national rapid response effort is planned should Trump succeed in firing Mueller, with 15 protest locations prepared all over Maine. Find the location nearest you, and demand that our MoCs co-sponsor legislation to protect Mueller’s investigation.

Trump Administration & Federal Govt Working Group C2A




Special Counsel Robert Mueller was hired to investigate Russian meddling in our elections, wherever the evidence might lead. In recent weeks the pressure on Trump and his family has increased dramatically, with witnesses pleading guilty, connections to money laundering surfacing, and evidence of obstruction of justice mounting almost daily. The New York Times recently reported that Trump tried to fire Mueller last June, but backed off when the White House counsel threatened to quit rather than carry out the order. It’s also possible that, rather than firing Mueller, Trump will obstruct Mueller’s investigation by issuing blanket pardons of key figures being investigated, firing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (the person overseeing Mueller), or taking other actions to prevent the investigation from being conducted freely. Last week, House Republicans released a politically motivated memo they claim questions the integrity of the investigation, doing so even after the Department of Justice warned the act could compromise national security. Firing Mueller, Rosenstein, or even Attorney General Jeff Sessions would lead to a constitutional crisis. A national coalition of progressive groups are preparing an immediate nationwide response should Mueller be fired (see below for more info).  The national coalition has also informed us that the firing of Rosenstein, Sessions, or other actions that could have a similar constitutional crisis effect would be considered Rapid Response worthy. They will let local organizers know if an action rises to this threat level and how to respond. Bipartisan bills (S. 1735 and S. 1741 in the Senate and H.R. 3771 in the House) that would protect Mueller’s investigation have been introduced. While they have not yet signed on as co-sponsors, Angus King, Susan Collins, and Chellie Pingree have all expressed support for Mueller’s investigation moving forward. Bruce Poliquin, however, has refused to take a stance.  



  1. Prepare to Protest! A large coalition of national progressive groups are coordinating an immediate call to action that will be launched if the Mueller investigation is in imminent danger. The plan is to immediately congregate in towns across the country the day of or the day after he is fired. If he is fired before 2pm, most areas will protest at 5pm the same day. If he is fired after 2pm, most areas will protest at noon the following day. Maine’s resistance groups are currently planning to hold protests in Augusta, Bangor, Bar Harbor, Belfast, Biddeford, Brunswick, Eastport, Houlton, Kittery, Lewiston, Machias, Newcastle, Portland, Rockland, South Paris. To find the location nearest you or to learn more about the nationwide coalition sponsoring the protests, click here. You can also text STAND to 21333 to be notified of a location near you.
  2. Email and call your Members of Congress and ask them to sign on to the Special Counsel Independence Act (S. 1735 in the Senate) and/or the Special Counsel Integrity Act (H.R. 3771 in the House, S. 1741 in the Senate).
  3. Share this graphic so that others know what to do!

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