Quick Action

Trump has nominated a coal industry lobbyist and notorious climate legislation killer to the second most powerful position at the Environmental Protection Agency. His Senate confirmation vote is imminent. Call and email Senators Collins and King and tell them to OPPOSE the nomination of Andrew Wheeler.

Environmental Issues Working Group C2A


Trump has once again nominated a fossil fuel industry insider to a key environmental protection post. Andrew Wheeler, tapped for the EPA’s number 2 position of Deputy Administrator, helped kill bipartisan climate legislation during his time as a top Senate staffer, and most recently served as a lobbyist for the coal industry. Reports have also recently surfaced showing that he hosted campaign fundraisers and contributed funds to two members of the Senate Committee that held his nomination hearing and who then went on to approve his nomination last week. His nomination has been widely criticized by environmental groups like The League of Conservation Voters and The Sierra Club, who called the decision “absolutely horrifying.” Wheeler’s nomination is expected to come before the full Senate for a vote very quickly.



Call and email senators King and Collins and ask them to publicly commit to OPPOSE the nomination of Andrew Wheeler for EPA Deputy Administrator.

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